A grouping of Houdini Imitator memorabilia

A grouping of Houdini Imitator pitch books

A wall of Escape Artists

"Taft" The Great Magician -- performing an escape

The Original Jolly Pulls Co. -- poster depicting the Metamorphosis

German Escape Artist Kassner performing "Man in the Can"

The Escape Artist Pitroff

A stock magic poster depicting escapes

Talerno poster depicting escapes

A selection of posters in the collection -- featuring a Steens

Taylor the Handcuff King

A Nicola broadside

Thos Strohl -- Handcuff King & Jail Braiker

An Alan Alan poster showing a circus performance

A Murray poster -- "The most amazing sensational and mysterious man of this or any other age"

A rare Nicola poster

A poster depicting a Safe Escape

Earl Lockman's Handcuff Board

Escape Artist Earl Lockman